【Hair salon tetote. promotion in May 】

Hi there, Its spring already 🤩🤩🤩
Tetote always want to make a beautiful hair and healthy from inside for our customers. Tetote group always tries to find out and learn a lot of methods to make every customer’s hair shinier and healthier every day.
From May with a new promotion to welcome spring and summer, Tetote group would like to introduce to customers two special intensive care lines for hair:

👉Tetote exclusive intensive care.
👉 Hydro intensive care (Ultowa)

Both of the above products are 20% off.

NEW MENU Tetote group exclusive treatment

The essence that is imported directly and exclusively distributed at our store will give you a strong hair from inside.
A special feature of this solution is that just a light touch can feel the softness of the hair after using the service.

Price: from 1,650,000vnd

Special price: from 1,320,000vnd

(Depending on the length of the hair, the prices will vary)

Hydrogen treatment

With 100% purity will create an intensive moisturizing powder for hair. Provides 3 types of special premium nutrients:
Collagen x sorbitol water retention x Hydro
These three types of nutrients will be delivered directly to the hair core to moisturize the hair, helping to keep the hair shiny and smooth.
The special feature of this conditioner is that it can be used more and more times, the more shiny it is and keeps and moisturizes the hair regularly.

Price: from 2,000,000vnd

Special price: from 1,600,000 VND

(Depending on the length of the hair, the above price will vary)

⁡※From 1/5 Tetote group there will be price changes. We hope that you can refer to the new price list under the link below.
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We look forward to serving you ❤️❤️❤️

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