【Hair salon tetote. promotion in March 】

[March promotion]

·Cut + Carbonated cleansing shampoo
1.520.000 vnd → 900.000 vnd

·Cut and down perm (reduce side volume)
1.450.000 vnd → 1.100.000 vnd

·Cut + Volume Up Perm (up to 10 bottles)
1.770.000vnd → 1.050.000vnd

·Cut + point correction (front bangs, faceline, collar legs)
1.770.000vnd → 1.400.000vnd

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new customer
·Introduction, I saw POSTE! or 30% off for FB or Google reviews
·20% off on HP, FB, Sketch, Better!

coming again customer
·I saw your POSTE within 45 days of your visit!
30% off for FB or Google reviews
·20% off in other cases

6 Free cut for children up to 6 years old!
(Until elementary school)
Only if your companion undergoes some kind of treatment.
One child per companion.
*The Metropolis store is limited to weekdays *

We are looking forward to your visit ✨✨

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