【Hair salon tetote. promotion in February 】

How have you been during the Tet holiday?☺️

For those who spent time in Hanoi or traveled somewhere, I think there are many things ✨

Don’t you feel a little tired after your vacation?

We will be doing well in February, so please come and refresh yourself with the Tete group😊

All the staff are waiting for you!

◉New customer

·Introduction, I saw POSTE!


30% off for FB or Google reviews

·20% off on HP, FB, Sketch, Better!

◉ Second time customer

·I saw your POSTE within 45 days of your visit!


30% off for FB or Google reviews

20% off in other cases

Free cut for children up to 6 years old ‼ ️ ‼ ️

(Until elementary school)

 Only if your companion undergoes some kind of treatment.

One child per companion.

We look forward to your visit 🤲

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