● Notice ●

Thank you for your continued support of Tetote.

  It’s early, and it’s November already 😳
  Do you feel it?

  “Some change from November” from Tetote

  <Until the end of October>
  Open all year round
  <From November>
  Every Monday, Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday is closed

  We apologize for this inconvenience.
  Thank you very much!

  Edit price, include all new menu.  (For details, please check the menu from the link below


  <Until the end of October>
 Discount 30% for customers who come to the store within 2 months from the last time
  <From November>
  Discount 30% within 45 days from the date of your visit

  It will be a bit shorter, but the cost has been revised there won’t be any inconvenience

  There is 3 point in our change!

  Thanks for your continuous support! 

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