【💇‍♀️Tetote.s Very New Course💇‍♂️】

👉Hair Anti-aging & Rejuvenation Course✨

✨ Especially recommended for aging hair: 
. Dry, frizzy, rough, fluffy hair 
. Dry and hard, itchy scalp
. Hair loss
This Course will help your hair and scalp stronger & healthier, change the hair’s texture to make it smooth and shiny. 

🎉Course Contents🎉
・Scrub-detox Shampoo #scrub_for_scalp_and_hair ❄️

・Stylish Hair cut 💇🏻‍♀️💛

・Hair Tuning #control_volume #change_texture ☀️
or Head spa 30 mins_head_massage🍃

・Moisture Treatment
or Repair Treatment #milbon_japan🥑🍐

Normal price 3,510,000VND 
✨Special Offer just in May: 2,200,000VND🍒🍃🍊🌿

😊 It will take for about 2 hours and we will suggest for you the best therapy up to your hair condition !!! 
💜Please contact for more information
Thank you <3

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